Connecting sales teams with the best advisor for every deal

We do things differently

Full support along the sales process

World’s Best Vetting Process

With a proprietary qualitative and quantitative vetting process, we can make sure we find the best advisor for every deal.

Integrated Teams

We believe that unless everyone is happy, nobody is happy, and our project team will be there to provide support throughout the engagement.

Shared Incentives

With a mostly success-based fees structure, our clients have great ROI with very low financial risk.

Contracting & Legal

We have processes and contracts in place to ensure compliance and confidentiality issues are managed.

How it works

We have processes and contracts in place to ensure compliance and confidentiality issues are managed

  • Sales Intelligence

    Our Advisors will help you map stakeholders, decide on account strategies, and provide feedback on product offerings and messaging.

  • Key Introductions

    Our Advisors will help you break barriers to new accounts and set up key meetings.

  • Deal Follow-Through

    With unique knowledge of the business, our advisors will help navigate the decision process and close new deals.

Level Company supports the process from start to end

  • Continuous access to our recruiting team

  • Project management

  • Admin and payment

  • Legal and compliance

Become a Client

Become a Client

Using external advisors to grow and convert pipeline is, if executed well, a powerful tool with exceptional return on investment. Level Company is bringing a new approach to recruiting, vetting, and managing advisors

  • 1
    Level Company is helping our clients to build significant incremental revenue, in parallel and in addition to existing sales and marketing activities
  • 2
    Through us, you will access curated and thoroughly vetted sales professionals, handpicked for you, with unique insights to your target customers and markets
  • 3
    The financial arrangement will be based on our advisors’ success, and at a very low financial, reputational, and legal risk – you will pay-as-you-go, for delivered opportunities and contracts, and you will be covered by our legal arrangements
  • 4
    We will carefully manage the engagement and our advisors, share best practices, and make sure everyone involved has a positive experience
Become an Advisor

Become an Advisor

Level Company is gathering the best-connected industry executives to become advisors to our clients. Our team will provide extensive support throughout the engagement to make sure relationships and processes are working well

  • 1
    Working with Level Company, you can monetize on your deep experience, doing the most exciting part of business – closing a deal and enabling growth for great companies
  • 2
    You will be fully supported by the Level Company team, including admin support, invoicing, legal coverage, and access best practices from the Level team and your peers
  • 3
    You can be a part of an interesting and rewarding community

Our Leadership Team


As the CEO for Level Company, Peter applies his vast experience developing and implementing business and go-to-market strategies to drive excellence for our advisors, clients, and team. His career has been dedicated to serving clients by identifying and tackling sector-defining challenges and finding solutions by assembling the best experts in their field.

Before joining Level, Peter was leading Strategic Projects at GLG for Corporate Markets. In this role, he developed and expanded a new and disruptive service line from a conceptual idea into one of the fastest growing teams at the company. This progress was built on his deep understanding of high-touch, customer-centric platform services and delivered substantial value to leading companies across tech and industrials.

Prior to GLG, Peter was a Management Consultant with McKinsey & Company, serving as a partner and advisor for companies embarking on turnaround strategy, supply management, and go-to-market.


Matt has spent his career as an operator and investor and brings significant experience in building successful businesses as Chairman of the Board for Level Company and Managing Partner of Material, the co-funding venture studio.

Among launching and funding numerous start-ups, Matt founded Blue Apron in 2011 and served as CEO for its first six years, overseeing Blue Apron’s growth from idea to a category-leading public company, through its $2 billion IPO 2017. He stayed on as CEO until the company had approximately $910 million of trailing revenue and 5,000 employees and is currently Blue Apron’s Chairman and serves on the company’s Board of Directors.

In 2015, Matt successfully co-founded Embark, a genomics and biotechnology company for dogs.

He was named 35 under 35 by Inc. Magazine, 40 under 40 by Fortune, and 40 under 40 by Crain’s and he was the recipient of the E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year national award in 2016.